MIX DOWNLOAD: Solid Steel Radio Show mixed by Cut Chemist + DK

Solid Steel Radio Show mixed by Cut Chemist + DK(DOWNLOAD)

PART 1 - Cut Chemist twitter.com/Cut_Chemist

Cassette Culture -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
Relyoun Remix -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
Metal Storm Dub -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
Mystere Moyo -Vox Populi!
Megastorm featuring Edan -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
Mind Remix -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
Alternative Fresh Club Mix -Cut Chemist/Vox Populi!
Les Des Copenhague -Vox Populi!
Satyriasis -Pacific 231
Funk Off -Vox Populi!
Madman -Cut Chemist
Chabman Remix -DNTL
Chabman Remix -Mumbles
War In Pieces -Cut Chemist/ Pacific 231 featuring Deantoni Parks on drums
Try Again -Gone Beyond
Feet On The Ground -Cut Chemist featuring Omas Keith on piano and Mia Doi Todd on guitar.

PART 2 - DK twitter.com/DK_SolidSteel

Illum Sphere _ Spectre Vex _ Ninja Tune
23 Skidoo _ Coup (Version) _ Illuminated Records (1983)
Liquid Liquid _ Lock groove _ 99 Records (1981)
Doris Norton _ Norton Apple Software _ Durium (1984)
Hard Corps _ Dirty _ Survival Records (1984)
Death Comet Crew with Rammellzee _ Exterior St. _ Beggars Banquet (1985)
A Certain Ratio _ Knife Slits Water _ Factory (1982)
Crash Course in Science _ Flying Turns _ Press Records (1981)
Flying Lizards _ Steam Away _ Virgin (1981)
Throbbing Gristle _ Hot on the Heels of Love _ Industrial (1979)
Royal Family And The Poor _ Art On 45 _ Factory (1982)
A Certain Ratio _ Do the du (casse) _ Factory (1981)
Cabaret Voltaire _ Black Mask _ Rough Trade (1981)
Francois Kevorkian presents Jah Wobble, The Edge, Holger Czukay _ Snake charmer (reprise) _ Island (1983)