11/27発売の「V.A./ Pound For Pound Vol.3」に先駆けChoku The 3rd Eye OpenによるMix" Traning Hard " Jazzy Sport 10 YEARSが到着。文字通りJazzy Sport10年間の鍛錬の記録を辿ったSpecial Mix。「V.A./ Pound For Pound Vol.3」より''Morioka Kalimba - PEPIN''と''Le Rhone-DJ Mitsu the Beats''を先行収録。3週間の限定公開。

we're happy to upload our 10th year anniv special mix by Choku the 3rd eye open ( Jazzy Sport Morioka )

indeed, Jazzy Sport 10 year historical mix which including exclusive tunes by DJ Mitsu the Beats, Pepin from

"Pound fo Pound vol.3" compilation which will be released on Nov 27 2013.

F.Y.I. this mix is limited only 3 weeks streaming .

" Traning Hard " Jazzy Sport 10 YEARS mixed by Choku The 3rd Eye Open (DOWNLOAD)

1.INTRO - DJ Mitsu The Beats

2.One World - grooveman Spot

3.Nina & Weldon - Count Bass-D

4.untitled no.5 - grooveman Spot

5.Turn It Up Feat. MED Aka Medaphoar - grooveman Spot

6.Like A Pimp - Count Bass-D

7.Clear Day - GAGLE

8.up to you - BudaMunk

9.Benzaiten Love Feat. Count Bass D - grooveman Spot

10.River Side Crates - Bottom Fly

11.雪の革命 - GAGLE

12.Snowflake - GAGLE

13.SSS 001 - Super Smoky Soul

14.Ridin' Around Feat. Kev Brown & Cy Young- DJ Mitsu the Beats

15.夜ナ夜ナ - GAGLE

16.孤独少年 feat. s.l.a.c.k -DJ Mitsu the Beats

17.I Luv - grooveman Spot

18. Everybody feat. Erik Rico grooveman Spot

19.Short Love Tale feat.YUNGUN a.k.a. Essa, Mika Arisaka & YURI-Tettorybad

20.Jelly Beans - grooveman Spot

21.KEMU-NI-MAKU - cro-magnon

22.ur Luv - grooveman Spot

23.Morioka Kalimba - PEPIN ( From Pound For Pound Vol.3 )

24.Le Rhone-DJ Mitsu the Beats ( From Pound For Pound Vol.3 )